Hi Folks...

Here is a map link showing a few key points...
Austin TX on ACME Mapper
click on the "Markers" button to jump around...
the satellite view will give great street details.
hover over markers for pop-up details

i'm fairly certain the TSS (Texas Swimming Center) marker is at the main entrance.
Immediately to the south is a parking garage... parking in this part of town is a MAJOR hassle!!!

Try riding "The Dillo"... a free Capital Metro bus service shuttle for around the downtown and UT campus area.

Another fun way to get around is with Capital Pedicab. This pedal powered cab service offers a unique alternative to getting around town in "downtown Austin, TX and are concentrated on 6th street area and the warehouse district".

A great place to get good food is the Whole Foods Market (see marker). They have a great (HUGE) deli counter (with LOTS of seating both indoors and out), plus all the groceries that a healthy body could want.
525 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78703
Phone: 512-476-1206
The satellite view shows an empty lot, but there is now a huge new building there (it is their new headquarters/flagship store).

there are several threads elsewhere on this forum regarding Austin info... most of them by "Ande", a popular local swimmer... try:

Austin 2008

2008 SCY Nats

2008 USMS Message Board Social in Austin at SCY Nationals

you can also use the forum search tool to find more info... if you have the time.

anyway... Bill knows how to reach me... hope to see some of y'all on Saturday (or whatever day i can get by).