Some of us have been swimming several meets already this season, but this past weekend seemed to be the weekend that SPMA swimmers finally began coming out of Winter Hybernation!

Welcome back!

I am probably one of the only ones not grumbling about the "shallow starts" necessary at the Fullerton Pool when swimming SC.

Kind of takes me back to my 10 & under days where our summer pools were all shallow and we all swam FAST as we could because we didn't know about fast or slow pools!
Personally, I love watching those tiles speed by up close. I convinced myself and it worked so I actually got into the swim FAST mode!

Thanks to Bill Jewell and the FAST Masters Team for hosting nearly 100 SPMA swimmers. And for holding off the projected rain storm. I'm sure the Janet Evans Complex has that power as well!

Results should be posted here soon:

Next meet stop will be in Pasadena at CAL TECH for the Sprint Pentathlon on Sunday March 8th.

See you there!