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    swim pool

    I just like to know if there are some olympic-sized pools in/near Baltimore City and if they accept single pass. I am living around Homewood.
    Thanks and regards!

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    Re: swim pool

    Best place to answer these questions is using the website, I use it often.

    There are several pools of 25 yards and up around town, I am assuming by olympic-sized you mean the type of pool sswimmers train in.

    The only pools I know of that you can use on a day pass for a decent price are the city run pools, which I think charge 1 or 2 bucks a day. I think there are three indoor pools and more outdoors pools that are open for the summer. As I recall I tried the callowhill pool a few years back when I moved here. It was like a boys and girls club, the pool was old and a bit short at 22 yards long. On the plus side the staff was very nice, the pool was literally empty when I went and I think that one is actually somewhat close to homewood.

    I know some of the health clubs have day passes, but usually they are expensive at $17 or more per day.

    You can hit some of the masters swim workouts for a good price through. The merritt clubs in Towson and Canton, and meadowbrook allow you to pay a fee and do the workouts. Of course you need to be able to hang in there with whatever the workout is that day.

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    Re: swim pool

    Thank you!
    By Olympic-sized, I mean 50 meter pool. 50 yard is fine too. I have been swimming in the 25 yard pool of Hopkins, where I now study and live, for some years. The last time I swam a 50 meter pool was 4~5 years ago. It is a nice memory since you have less turns in the long course. I am not sure if I could experience that again sometime.

    Meadowbrook does have one, but I saw on their website they only offer membership throughout a season, which is not the best for me at the moment when I can access my school pool more conveniently. I just hope to switch to a long course pool once in a while to have a different type of practice.
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