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Thread: Smoothing butterfly

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    Smoothing butterfly

    I've been training butterfly last year pretty much and I had lots of problems in the beginning with too much vertical movements that created all kinds of problems. I posted some of them on my thread [ame=""]Sinking hips during recovery in fly - U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame]
    During last month, I did lots of shallow water "drills", I posted some videos on my blog You're all welcome to visit it. I have the feeling that these drills taught me how to swim butterfly more relaxed and in smoother way.
    - Predrag.

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    Re: Smoothing butterfly

    O K Try to breathe on the side - like freestyle. Many swimmers like this . It keeps your head down.

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    Re: Smoothing butterfly

    Very good job Predrag. That's nice research and development.

    Well done!

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