Hi there!

My name is Linda and I work as the production manager for a new open water competition in Sweden. The competition is called Lule Midnight Swim, and that's because the start is set to 11.45 P:M! Yea you read right. Since Lule is situated up in the north of Sweden we have daylight all night trough, that's why you can swim safely at midnight. We're going to have 2 races, the first one on Friday night streches over 1 500 m and the grand final will be on Saturday with the 3 000m race. If you feel for a challenge you can sign up for both races and be a part of Lule Midnight Classsic. The founder of this competition is former team captain for Sweden Hans Chrunak. He's marketing this competition around the world so please help him and me to spread it futher to your friends and family. Visit our websit at www.luleamidnightswim.com or Facebook, Lule Midnight Swim.
I want to give you a warm welcome to Lule, Sweden and Lule Midnight Swim July 1-2, 2011