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Thread: Breaststroke questions

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    Breaststroke questions

    I have recently quit fighting it and admitting that I love breaststroke and I had a few questions. What are some good drills to do for breaststroke? Also, do any of you lift weights as well as your swimming? If you do weights, what exercises do you so specifically?
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Breaststroke questions

    Check out The Breaststroke Lane. .Yes it is 47 pages,but you can skim it pretty fast and it has the answers to the questions you have posed.If you post a video I'll critique it if you like.
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    Re: Breaststroke questions

    Welcome to our lily pad, frog! Nice to have you join us! Do visit The Breaststroke Lane, as King Frog (the previous poster) has posted many good drills on the thread. While you are there, watch the videos others have posted and read K.F.'s comments about them; you will learn a lot from them, as well.


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    Re: Breaststroke questions

    You guys beat me to it! Great forum to get some great tips! I'm currently in the middle of revamping my "flat" br to a more modern style. Feel all slow and discombobulated.

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