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Thread: Fitness Chairs Peer to Peer Teleconference - Aug 27

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    Fitness Chairs Peer to Peer Teleconference - Aug 27

    LMSC Development held a 60-minute call with fitness chairs around US Masters Swimming to share ideas, questions, and suggestions as the LMSC Development Committee begins to build a repository of "best practices".

    LMSC Fitness Chairs Peer-to-Peer Teleconference
    Date and Time: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 08:30 PM - (US/Eastern)

    Notes from the meeting are attached.

    Many thanks to Lynn Morrison of the LMSC Development Committee for facilitating the call!
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    Re: Fitness Chairs Peer to Peer Teleconference - Aug 27

    Glad you're posting notes from teleconferences; they are helpful!

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