The new swim coach where I work is trying to get a masters swim group started (not affiliated at this point as it's just me and another local community member) in Laurinburg, NC at the St. Andrews University campus pool. The pool is actually decent - 25 yards, 7 lanes, 4ft-10ft in depth. There are not a lot of other places to swim within decent driving distance of Laurinburg, so if you're a local and looking for a group to swim with, this could be a good option for you. Here's the link to the swim school website: There isn't really any info (besides registration) for the masters swimming, but you can probably email for some info from there. The coach is Taylor Cooper. He's got a lot of open water experience so it could especially be a good group for triathletes. Anyway, I just thought I'd plug it in hopes of getting some more swimmers so that he keeps things going and maybe we can become an official masters group.