Anyone in Maryland still on here? It looks veeeerrrry quiet!

My outdoor pool closed for the season, so I am considering where to get my swimming in.

I can easily get to 2 different public pools: Theresa Banks Memorial Aquatic Center (Glenarden MD) or the Wayne K. Curry Sports & Learning Center (New Carrollton? MD). I have been to the Curry pool before, but never swam at the Glenarden pool. It is newer, although rather small. (I am under the impression that the swim lane length is 20 feet rather than 25?) The receptionist today wasn't very helpful at all, but other staff have been friendly and very welcoming!

Does anyone regularly swim at either of them? Or if you have been there, can you offer any tips? I drove over earlier today to Glenarden, but didn't have a padlock with me. I didn't feel okay leaving my swim bag just sitting around, so I didn't wind up swimming. The pool has not been very crowded any of the few times I visited.

I'm not a competitive swimmer at all, btw - I'm more of an adult learning to swim better. Just want some fall and winter indoor swimming exercise.