I don't know why, but I have found that adult swim classes offered by the parks and rec organizations have very different characteristics depending on whether they're in Prince George's or Anne Arundel counties.

I tried to get into a couple of swim classes in PG - either at the Wayne K Curry Sports & Learning facility or at the Theresa Banks Memorial Aquatic center. Most sessions had filled up and closed, I managed to sign up for something starting in late November and then got notified the pools would close for maintenance, so they just cancelled that session. Very discouraging.

I drove up to take a look at one of the swim centers in Anne Arundel county, though, and a helpful staffer told me the classes there basically never fill up. So, I signed up, late, just a week or so before the session was to start. I'm happily taking classes along with 2 other students! And we have 2 instructors, so we almost get private lessons!

I really don't get it, especially because Anne Arundel is a very river and ocean oriented kind of place. I would have assumed classes would fill up there, way before classes in PG would fill!