Hello fellow open water swimmer! I'm looking forward to working with you this year to help you prepare for your open water events. Whether you are training for a triathlon or an open water event - these workouts will be designed to help you improve your endurance and become more efficient in the water.

We will be focusing on different aspects of training through-out the year. Here's a brief overview of the year

Winter/Spring - Jan-March - Endurance training with some skill/technique focus

Spring - April - June - Endurance and Pacing

Summer - July-Sept - Race Pacing and Strategy - there will even be open water workouts during this time of year

Fall - October - December - Skill Focus with endurance training

My weekly workouts will be comprised of the following:

#1 - Endurance Focus - Longer distances to improve aerobic capacity and endurance
#2 - Long Kick and Endurance - Work legs and general endurance
#3 - Challenge Set - Anaerobic threshold
#4 - Speed Work and Endurance - improve your speed at the beginning of the race and the end of the race

Here's to a good year of training and improving yourself in 2018! Feel free to let me know what you are training for and if you have any questions.

Coach Mark