Hi There,

My name is Kait and I am seeking a master coaching position in or around the SW Michigan area.

Let me begin by telling you a bit more about myself. I grew up as a competitive age group swimmer, swimming for both USS and YMCA club teams, swimming mid distance butterfly, breast, and IM events with a special fondness for the 200 Butterfly (In fact in the state of CT I was a top 16 200 Fly finisher within the female senior division). I also was a competitive high-school swimmer. After a long swimming career and honestly a bit of burnout, I decided to not swim collegiately and take a break from the sport, but after 4 years of no swimming I realized how much I missed the sport. I missed the feeling of accomplishment after managing to finish what was originally deemed an impossible set, I missed the physical toughness and fitness the sport provided , and I missed the excitement of competition. So after graduating college and moving to Florida, I decided to join my first masters swim program. Originally I joined the program as a way to build my social network and get in a really good workout that far surpassed what I could ever hope to achieve at a Gym. But within weeks of being back I could feel myself getting the itch for competition. After a months of training I decided to start to compete, but instead of racing back in the pool I turned my sights on a new exciting adventure, 5K open water swim race. I have been swimming competitively within the open water circuit now for 3 year. I have since moved to Michigan and get the great pleasure of swimming in the beautiful and slightly rambunctious Lake Michigan in the summers and continuing my pool swimming during the colder months. Masters Swimming has had such a profound effect on my life and my happiness, and I want to be able to create a similar experience for others. I have recently revived my Level 1 and 2 USMS coaching accreditation and look forward to partnering to create programming for others looking for aquatic swimming opportunities.