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Thread: USMS Coach at 2019 FINA World Masters Championship

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    USMS Coach at 2019 FINA World Masters Championship

    The International Coaches Selection Committee will be accepting applications for the 2019 FINA World Masters Championship being held August 5-18, in Gwanju, South Korea.

    The committee will select only one coach at this time who will act as a both team manager and representative. Airfare, lodging, and transportation, will be reimbursed by USMS. An additional coach will be added if needed.

    Coaches must complete the application and return before the deadline of Monday, December 31, 2018.

    An announcement will be made Friday, January 25, 2019.

    If you have any questions, reply to this Forum Thread OR contact me via Private Message or direct e-mail at:

    Please submit all applications to:

    Coach Tim Waud
    USMS Coaches Committee (International Coaches Sub-Committee Chair)
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    Re: USMS Coach at 2019 FINA World Masters Championship


    • Information about transportation and VISA

    Many of you have asked for more information on transportation and VISA. We are currently developing a full guide which will soon be made available to the public. However, today, we can already share with you the following information.


    • There are many options for you to arrive in Gwangju.
    • The largest airport in Korea is Incheon International Airport.
    • From Incheon International Airport to Gwangju, you can arrive:
      • By fast-train (KTX):
        • From Incheon International Airport, you should go to Gwangmyung station (Seoul). It takes 50 mins by airport shuttle bus and buses run every 25mins.
        • From Gwangmyung station(KTX) to Gwangju songjung station (it takes 150mins)
        • The website of Let's Korail (KTX) is:
        • A free shuttle bus will run from Gwangju songjung station to the accreditation centre.

      • By bus:
        • There are direct buses from Incheon Airport to the Gwangju Bus Terminal which run every 10 to 50 mins, 33 times a day.
        • Once arrived at the Gwangju Bus Terminal, a free shuttle bus to the accreditation centre will be organised.

    • There are two other airports from which you can arrive:

    • Moreover, free shuttle bus will be organised from the Athletes Village to the Competition and training venues as well as to five neighbouring cities; including: Naju, Jangseong, Damyang, Hampyeomng, Hwasun.

    For more information, please have a look at our website:


    To know if you need one, please visit the following official website: This website also provides all the information about the documents needed for requesting a VISA.

    • Social Media

    We would like to re-publish some of your posts on social media. For this purpose, please send us the name of your social media accounts. Thank you!

    • FINA World Masters Championships Gwangju 2019 Newsletter

    As we are preparing for the November edition of our newsletter, we would like to feature an article about your activities. For those interested, please send us a few lines (and pictures if you have some) about what you have done to promote the FINA World Masters Championships Gwangju 2019.

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