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Thread: The New Approach to Meets

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    Re: The New Approach to Meets

    Thanks, PWB, for a well-stated post! You are realistic and have a great attitude! Thanks as well to Mark Usher for this:
    "Life's not always fair and there are things outside of our control.
    The most important thing at this point is getting through this pandemic safely."

    ~ Believing in your dreams can be far more rewarding than living by your limitations ~Karla Peterson

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    Re: The New Approach to Meets

    I feel lucky. I'm lucky because I won't have to worry about top ten times. I couldn't make top ten even if only 9 people swam my "best" event all year. LOL

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    Re: The New Approach to Meets

    I don't worry over top tens, I would like the opportunity to participate in a live event at some point, but live remote from most meet opportunities.

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    Re: The New Approach to Meets

    Quote Originally Posted by pwb View Post
    I think one thing all of us Masters swimmers should remind ourselves is that our swimming careers last a lifetime.
    Agreed. In the overall scheme of things missing out on masters swimming competition is pretty low on the list of COVID-19 repercussions. It will definitely be great to get back, though!

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    Re: The New Approach to Meets

    I totally agree that we need to keep perspective. I have a 41 year streak of at least one TT time per year, but it is not worth dying or infecting someone else to continue the streak. There are many more important things. Being healthy enough to swim at a meet, even if there are no meets, is a blessing. I see Sarasota Sharks may be able to have a sanctioned intrasquad meet this year. I wish them well.
    "To strive,to seek,to find,and not to yield" Tennyson

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