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Thread: Endless Pool Swim Spa Workouts

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    Endless Pool Swim Spa Workouts

    I'm getting an Endless Pool Swim Spa in a month and I'm trying to figure out how to do a sequence of intervals.
    My example sequence is 8x50@1:10, 2x100@1:20, 1x200@2:25, 4x50@1:10.

    I'll have the Fit@Home app to program the intervals and speeds, but I need some sound queues like a starting gun to start the interval, a sound effect to give me a warning 5 seconds before the effort is done, and some intermediate beeps or metronome ticks to count off every 10 seconds or so. I don't have any watch.

    I will have integrated Bluetooth music. I'm thinking about using Audacity to develop an mp3 sound track for my intervals, counting off the metronome ticks over a 30 minute set, and applying sound effects for start and stop warnings. I can also add musical accompaniment from my mp3 library. I'll have to sync the Fit@Home start with the MP3 start.

    Problem is - when I get faster, I'll have to regenerate the tracks. Anybody done anything like this? Any ideas?

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    Re: Endless Pool Swim Spa Workouts

    you could get a tempo trainer and set it to maybe 20 second intervals- swim for 4, rest for 1, etc... Or count your strokes?

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