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Thread: Elbow Pain

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    Elbow Pain

    I have recently resumed heavy training mileage in anticipation of some long distance swims this summer. I have moderate shoulder pain but the real problem I am having is pain associated with my elbow. I breathe to my left and the pain is with the right elbow.

    Does anyone have experience with that same type of pain. Any recommendations on dryland exercises?

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    Re: Elbow Pain

    Possible medial epicondylitis from repetitive flexion and pronation during freestyle pull. Other than bands that displace the effective insertion site of tendon, motrin, rest, I don't know of anything else. Stewart Carrol in Texas had surgery but don't know how it affected him or if he would recommend.

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    Re: Elbow Pain

    I get this whenever I up my mileage too drastically. Only thing that works for me is motrin & acetominophin and I wear one of those snuggly black neoprene sleeves. I've also got arthritis in this elbow, so I've got that working against me too.
    --Mike Tyson (yes, my real name)

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