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Thread: Swimming around an island other fun things

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    Swimming around an island other fun things

    Here is an update of special offers for Pennock participants.

    If you are coming from out of town to participate, we have some specials for you. The Narrows Inn ( is giving a flat room rate of 120/night for Pennock participants (suites not included). When booking your room state you are a Pennock participant to receive the discount. Book your room ASAP space is running out.

    Southeast sea kayaks ( is giving a 20% discount on their local kayak tours either Pennock Island or Orcas cove, when booking identify yourself as a Pennock participant.

    Ketchikan kayak fishing ( is offering a half day of kayak fishing for 125.00/person (30% discount) to Pennock Participants.

    The Ketchikan Killer whales swim club ( is putting on the 2nd 1k swim out at scenic Settlers cove. Entry is 15.00/swimmer all registered USA swimmers welcome. If you are not a USA swimmer, a one-day registration will be available.

    Horse drawn trolley tours ( of Ketchikan will be giving tours of historic Ketchikan and Salmon hatchery to Pennock participants.

    Remember its not just a swim around an island its an opportunity to experience Alaska. Please remember to identify yourself as a Pennock swimmer to receive the discounts.

    William Schulz, race director

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    Re: Swimming around an island other fun things

    And if the thought of cold Alaskan open water swimming involuntarily brings out the goose bumps you might want to check out

    Baja Expeditions will be offering two one-week open water swimming vacations out of La Paz this October.
    Gary Emich


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