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Thread: Master's Swimming Stillwater?

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    Moving to Stillwater, OK

    Master's Swimming Stillwater?

    Hello. I am moving to Stillwater from Connecticut in the next few months, and I was wondering if there were any Master's swimming clubs that practice in the Stillwater area? I know that there is a beautiful new facility at OSU and that local YMCA has a youth program. I have seen a listing for a master's team on the USMS site, but there is no website. Would anyone happen to have any details? I am very anxious to join a team as soon as I get out there. Thanks!


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    Re: Master's Swimming Stillwater?

    Hi Kirsten,

    I moved here to work at OSU Oct 16, 2006. There is no Master's team here that I know of, but would like to see one started. There are a lot of college kids but no competitive swim team. The Colvin Center has nice indoor pool suited for large team work outs.

    Need help trying to organize team here. I have coached before in Concord, CA after coming from the Davis, CA Master's coached by Dave Scott, the original "Iron Man."

    Any suggestions? I also have recently acquired a fairly bad shoulder-axilla injury that has forced me to slow up a bit and would like to get to a sports practitioner that might be able to figure out what is going on with me. I was still breaking the one minute on 100 yard sprint at 52. I hope I'm not "washed up at this young age!"

    Daniel Van Gent


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